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Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville

Garden work parties! Thursdays 5-7pm during the growing season with Stephen (weather permitting) RSVP by call/text with the number at the bottom of this page. Garden Camp '22 has been cancelled. More info here.

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We aim to create a joyous, diverse, and sustainable community of well-nourished people and well-compensated farmers and food workers.

One of our a-maiz-ing initiatives is the annual planting of the 3 sisters crops (corn, beans, and squash). These plantings are at various farms and gardens in and near Louisville and nourish our members and partners, as with annual Nixtamal (Hominy-Tortilla) Festivals.


Another initiative is Garden Camp, which takes place during the month of June. With 15-20 campers, age 7-12 each week, we tell stories, garden, cook lunch, process other delicious food, play games, and swim.

To learn more about Garden Camp, click here

Want to get involved or learn more about SAL? Contact us below!

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