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Garden Camp 2024 is right around the corner! To sign up your camper send a direct email to the email address noted below.

About the Camp

"Come to garden camp for the snails!"
- Camper, 2018

Welcome to Garden Camp '24! Looking for a week full of gardening, food processing, cooking, eating, hiking, swimming, playing, and story telling? You've come to the right place. 

This year we'll be in the garden during the week of June 10-14.

The cost? The full cost for the week is $140, which includes all snacks, lunch, pool fees for daily swimming, plus four excellent and experienced counselors. Swimming Instruction daily if needed.

Looking for a scholarship? We are happy to accept payment on a sliding scale. We'll take your word for it, no need to show us any documents. No one will be turned away.

We're proud to host a diverse group of campers each week. We're about fun, fun and more healthy fun, with homemade Pie and Ice Cream Sendoffs every Friday.


Simple Enrollment

 Contact Camp Director Stephen Bartlett

Phone: 502-415-1080

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